090521 Launching Stockholm Syndrome Film online

Finally, we have launched our official website for Stockholm Syndrome Film. Here, you can find all bits of info you need to find out the latest about us and our films. Stay tuned for updates for exciting free things to download.

090522 “Madness” is promoted at Cannes 09 through DC MEDIAS

Through our contact David Cholewa (, “Madness” has made its way into Marche Du Film in Cannes film market place. Hopefully, potential buyers will open up their eyes for a dvd release. To be continued...

090606 New script in development

We are currently under way of writing a new script on a previously

unannounced horror film. We are aiming for a shooting before the year end

or spring next year. New details will emerge as it develops. Below is Sonny

and David sitting relaxed near the water and writing on a laptop...

click on picture to enlarge